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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hot off the press

From Peter Bishop at Varuna:

"Dear Jenny, Michael and Jane,
We'd like to invite you to be the resident writers in LongLines Community
Week for 2009. The week takes place 19-24 October ­and this year we're doing
it differently from previous years. The model for this week is what we're
calling the Writing Week ­writers working on their writing during the day,
and in the evening coming together for conversation, sharing the experience
of writing, the problems that are always so individual and yet always so
relevant and illuminating for other experiences. As well as yourselves, we
will be inviting two Blue Mountains residents to join in the Varuna
residency experience. We will invite practising writers from the community
to join in one of the evening conversations, and during the week ­Thursday
most likely­ we will have a public event in the Varuna lounge-room ­a
presentation of the individual writers to the Varuna community."

Can't wait!

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